Women love pampering, men love “mampering” – Men and women enjoy skin care equally. |
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Men have begun adopting the same grooming habits as women. Men’s grooming has gone mainstream. Male skin care is one of the beauty industry’s fastest-growing sectors, with more men adopting a grooming regimen, alongside exercise and eating right, as a component of healthy living. Many more men are shopping for themselves, compared with a decade ago when women made most of their purchases. Men now buy as much as half of male-grooming and other types of consumer products. Even Macho men enjoy “mampering” skin care is about body image and looking good. Men have begun adopting the same grooming habits as women. Many are still reluctant to use products traditionally targeted to females, but the beauty industry is going to change—that today’s modern man will be willing to trade up from traditional unisex brands and pay a higher premium for products specifically tailored to fit their lifestyle.

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Get fit and healthy Yep, it’s a common line said by millions of men (and women) in the month of January, “I’ll get fit and healthy”, and it’s no coincidence that this is the month when gym memberships are highest. If you want the best out of your grooming then it’s essential you eat and live healthy. They all work hand-in-hand, so get focused and get in shape so your grooming routine is even more worthwhile.

Keep it all neat and tidy We’re being a bit general here, but the main purpose of grooming is, well, to be groomed. Like chest and back waxing, never forget to pay attention to the finer aspects of grooming, such as cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and looking after the stray facial hairs.

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Men want an upgraded experience

Mampering’s momentum – So what is behind the rise of mampering? Primarily driving the charge are the male millennials, now moving into the 25-plus age group. Younger guys are willing to try lots of stuff because they are growing up in a world where it’s OK to care about your grooming. Men have been engaged in grooming products for hundreds of years, but it used to be around fragrance and shaving. Unisex products have become more obsolete and now it’s become so much more, as cool trending has changed attitudes. It’s about being groomed for success, if you look good, you feel good and become more confident.

I suppose it is a his and hers society we live in….Skinov8 Aesthetics “Skin care, we care”


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